Tips on how to keep your cryptocurrency safe

Becoming interested in cryptocurrency ultimately means investing money into a project you believe in. For me, the Ethereum network was the first and most exciting project I invested in, and in doing so, I immediately became worried about how to secure my investment. Here's my tips on keeping your investment safe. 

Morning Subway

A woman got on the subway this morning with a nice fur jacket on and her hair straightened under a knit stocking cap.  She looked into the car when getting on with an expression that seemed to say, "The bottom.  I have arrived.  Can't get much worse now." Maybe a taxi will be available tomorrow. 

A Good Year

By the middle of 2013, I had an apartment with my name on the lease and I was finally feeling like I had climbed to the first safe base camp on the immense mountain of New York.  I could setup camp and not worry about tumbling all the way back down.

When Cycling Became My Job

All I brought to New York was the stuff I could fit into one checked back and my carry on for the flight to LaGuardia Airport.  I had no job, no obvious job prospects, and a short amount of time to make something happen.  I turned to the one thing that I thought I could do well and see the city at the same time.  Bike.  I became a pedicab driver for Manhatan Rickshaw company.  This began the next chapter of my cycling life.  

Why I Cycle

Part one of my cycle stories, detailing my history with cycling and the impetus for this series.
I grew up riding my bike for fun around the neighborhoods of Saint Paul and Minneapolis.  Cycling then became something bigger and more important when I was in college.  It wasn't until I came back to Minneapolis when I began to seriously appreciate all of the things that cycling could provide me and the city that fosters that kind of lifestyle.